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Launch a breakthrough IIoT capability in 100 days.


Move the needle on your digitalisation effort. This quarter.


Emerging technologies are a means to an end.


We help ambitious organisations elicit those ends and execute the means.

Product innovation and digital transformation isn’t really about technology. It’s about making step changes apparent and achievable. The art of the possible is more often determined by how skillfully available technologies have been integrated into organisations and processes.

We are a technology company that values ingenuity over industry trends. We focus on the human problems and strive to deliver technical solutions that are effective, proportionate and sustainable for our clients.



Strategy / tactics

The IIoT has a lot of moving and unfamiliar parts: sensors, protocols, the Cloud, the Edge, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics. We can orient you towards meaningful digitalisation within your organisation.

Packaged delivery

Every project is different, but a lot of IIoT solutions are very similar under the hood. We provide work packages designed for a solid, low-risk entry into the IIoT space that is efficient in cost and time.

Creative innovation

End-to-end design and delivery of highly differentiated capability. From custom sensors to novel algorithms, we distill business problems into bespoke technical solutions.



We work on the margins.


Of your industry. Of your organisation. Of your income statements.

Our approach was borne from experience in cross-disciplinary scientific collaboration, blue-chip industrial research and product development for household brands.

Having worked for, and with, traditional consultancies we endeavor to offer something different. We are doers. We are thrifty. We embrace unfamiliar domains, calculated risk and commercial collaboration.

You should consider us if you need more out of consultancy than technology evangelism from an MBA.



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